Bay Area Rowing Events

The following events will be held in or near the Bay Area this year:

North Tahoe Rowing Classic at Kings Beach

Open water, flat water

Date: June 24

Contact: Dan Young - (916) 546-7248

The California Henley at Redwood Shores

Narrow, straight course
1X, 4+, and 8+ only
Advanced (open), Intermediate (masters and clubs), and Veteran (60+) classes

Date: July 1-2

Contact: Daryl Winter - (415) 873-7326

Gianpaolo Tommasi's California Henley Web Page

Directions to Redwood Shores.

Results of the 1995 California Henley.

Lake Merritt Sprints at Oakland

Date: July 30

Contact: Leslie Elliot - (510) 273-9041

Directions to Lake Merritt.

Bridge to Bridge at San Francisco

Open water

Date: September 17

Contact: Jim Flack - (415) 398-1211

Wharf Rats at Richmond

Open water

Date: October 7

Contact: Gale Simpson - (510) 232-4645

Head of the American at Sacramento

Date: October 28

Contact: CSUS Aquatic Center - (916) 985-7239

Head of the Oakland Estuary at Oakland

Date: October 29

Contact: Robert Kidd - (510) 834-9017

Directions to Head of the Oakland Estuary.

Results of Head of the Oakland Estuary.

Coyote Point at Burlingame

Open water

Date: November 5

Contact: Gordie Nash - (415) 332-7269

Stanford Fall Regatta at San Mateo

Date: November 19

Contact:Leslie Elliot - (415) 873-7326

Created: May 15, 1995
Revised: August 8, 1996